We now live in a heightened social media and technological world where perception is everything and everyone has a cell phone that can capture and record the undesirable conduct of individuals. When we couple these technological advancements with our society’s increasing commitment to social justice and equitable treatment for all, displays of conduct from any employee or person that violates “societal standards” of behavior do not go unnoticed, unchallenged, or unpunished. We only have to pause for a few moments to recall many incidents of “bad behavior” that have been caught on video or audiotape.


Regardless of who it is, inexcusable behaviors displayed by any employee at any level can tarnish the personal brand and image of that individual, as well as the brand of their respective employers AND their business affiliates. Moreover, there are equally important “internal” implications and consequences to these types of incidents. When employees are not trained to value and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and social justice, scandals, conflicts and misunderstandings are more likely to happen, and will inevitably compromise employee morale and productivity.


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