Dr. Dionne Poulton is an author, innovator, facilitator, teacher and consultant. Her wide experience in various multicultural settings in Canada and the U.S.A. has equipped her with a vast knowledge of diversity within and between cultures, and an analytical perspective on issues relating to race relations. Her book, “It’s not Always Racist, but Sometimes it Is” is very insightful, and clarifies the difference between racism and racial bias. It is a very compelling read, which gives incisive accounts of real life happenings in different situations. Since reading the book, I feel like I am more equipped to analyze diversity issues, and incidents involving race which, according to Dr. Poulton, are sometimes but not always racist.

Ms. Mary M. Henderson

Educator, Lawrenceville, G

I would recommend “It’s Not Always Racist…But Sometimes It Is” to everyone.  It is such a profound book.  It has truly changed my life, and the way I view certain situations.  I have learned to control my thoughts and  actions when engaged in conversations where others attempt to make me feel powerless.  I frequently refer back to the book when I find myself in some situations.  After reading this book, I have experienced freedom    to remove the shackles off of my mind.  Now, I realize that there is more to life when you know who you are rather than allowing someone to tell you who you are.  I thank God for this book, and I thank God for you, Dr. Dionne Poulton.

Mr. Thomas Jackson

Entrepreneur, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Dionne Poulton is a phenomenal “results oriented” leadership professional who will develop and direct workshops that meet your organizational goals and objectives. She and her staff will investigate in a non-threatening way to discover where the possible “holes” are in your organizational culture so as to create collaborative discussions that can ultimately produce “win-win” results.

I have known Dr. Poulton for over 12 years and had the opportunity to work collaboratively with her as her colleague. I have experienced her leadership style(s) and respect her for her emphasis on inclusion of all stakeholders in organizational problem solving. I am secure in my recommendation of her professional services and I encourage you and your organization to feel confident that you will receive quality services and results from her organization.

Dr. Tarin T. D. Hampton, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Norfolk State University

I have recently finished reading, and re-reading, Dr. Dionne Poulton’s book, “It’s Not Always Racist…But Sometimes it Is,” and found myself recalling graphic instances in my own life. Dr. Poulton’s descriptive narrative caused me to reflect back, once again, and analyze whether these were rooted in racism, or just coincidences.

I found myself reading at a slower pace than I normally would; I wanted to understand the relationship between events Dr. Poulton cited, and her commentary. One such event, recalled Dr. Poulton sitting patiently at a restaurant, waiting to be served; acutely aware that others had in the interim been serviced and she was being ignored.

Dr. Poulton’s book is recommended reading for those who seek the challenge of confronting their own inner feelings, and whether these feelings, thoughts, attitudes, speech patterns, and interactions with others, are rooted in racism, or are they simply norms in the mosaic in which we live today.

Mr. Harris Kligman, MBA

Retired Army Military Intelligence Officer, International Businessman for 35 years

Since I met Dr. Dionne Poulton over ten years ago, I have seen her grow from a strong woman into a powerhouse. Her strength, passion, vision and dedication are truly inspiring. I have witnessed her launch her business and author a book on a subject that most people are afraid to broach. She epitomizes the definition of a go-getter, believing in a goal and achieving it.

I have had the opportunity to read Dr. Poulton’s book “It’s Not Always Racist…But Sometimes It Is” and was extremely enlightened and educated on the issue of race and conscious and unconscious bias.  Not only does she breathe new life into this provocative issue, but she gives us a perspective that we hadn’t heard before. Additionally, she does it in a way all of us can understand.  In her book, she gives us the tools to address the issue, create a dialogue around it and offers solutions–which a lot of experts on the subject don’t offer.  As a result, I am not surprised to see how many institutions, publications and organizations that have called on Dr. Poulton to consult, speak, write an article, or share her insight on topics related to diversity. It is proof that her knowledge in that space is greatly valued.

Dr. Poulton is an amazing teacher, entrepreneur and author, and she gives all of us inspiration to be confident, to “take the leap,” and be steadfast in achieving our goals. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Shonda Cooper

Television Writer/Producer, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Poulton is the kind of speaker, educator, and life coach committed to change. The combination of her knowledge and an amazing ability to connect to people effortlessly, draws you in and stimulates a level of thinking needed for lasting positive change. Dr. Poulton has high expectations for herself and others and I have benefited from her teaching. Whether you are looking for help as an individual or a corporation, Dr. Dionne Poulton is the obvious choice.

M. Donald

Occupational Therapist, Toronto, Cananda