Are You A Business Owner Or Leader…

Who has established your diversity policies, but you still continue to have conflict? Who has made countless attempts to foster diversity and organizational harmony, but have not been successful? Who wants to establish diversity protocols, and has a vision for your workplace, but don’t know where to begin? Who has had several complaints from your employees or colleagues about unfair treatment of minorities or women? Who, put simply, is just uncomfortable with the whole idea of addressing issues of diversity?

If you have answered, “YES” to any of these questions, reach out to Poulton Consulting Group (PCG) today and let’s discuss how we can help!


  • Businesses – Small to Large – We can work with any size business—from numbers under ten, up to the thousands. We also work with businesses who don’t have an established HR department, or with HR departments wishing to expand their professional development course offerings.
  • Government – PCG does business with local, state and federal governments
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Social Groups – PCG assists businesses with guidance of their employee resource groups, and academic institutions with sororities, fraternities, and student organizations
  • Other Organizations and Associations


  1. 1. Policy and Program Development (Including creation of employee handbooks)
  2. 2. Conflict Mediation and Dispute Resolution – individual or group
  3. 3. Employee Resource Group (ERG) Development and Advisement
  4. 4. Change Management / Employee Resistance & Behavior Modification (responsibility and accountability)
  5. 5. Assessment and Evaluation (including existing policies, programs and courses to determine effectiveness)
  6. 6. Course Curriculum Design (including online)
  7. 7. Immediate Crisis Response. PCG is available to assist with conflict mediation and dispute resolution.

*All consulting and support services are grounded in Dr. Poulton’s formal training in Adult Education, Adult Learning, Adult Behavior, Conflict Mediation, and Dispute Resolution.


  1. 1. Off-site Employee Retreats / Professional Development Opportunities (PCG can design 1, 2, 3 day employee team-building retreats)
  2. 2. In-house employee retreats/ team building days (duration of time determined by clients)
  3. 3. Brown bag lunch seminars
  4. 4. Seminars and Town Halls
  5. 5. Focus Group Facilitations
  6. 6. Keynote Speeches and “Talks” – *Delivered by Dr. Dionne Poulton


Maintenance Packages

For an annual fee, businesses are afforded On-call services that include:

• Up to 12 calls per year (on average one call per month)

• Immediate feedback on issues and concerns

• Each call will last up to 30 minutes


Workplace Assessment

An onsite assessment will be conducted at your business in order to identify and determine any issues that might be affecting your business functions. Fees for this service are dependent upon the number of days, method(s) of assessment(s) used, and scope of the work (i.e. problems to address, and the duration of time needed to analyze, code and write reports).

Assessments will be conducted through use of one or any combination of the following methodologies:

• Survey design

• Focus group discussions

• One-on-one interviews

• Employee observations

• Document analysis

*All businesses are encouraged to have an assessment prior to any training.

Post-Assessment Comprehensive Report

Upon the conclusion of the assessment, businesses are provided a comprehensive report that explicitly outlines and describes the key issue(s) identified through the assessment, as well as suggestions for specific trainings that would address those issues identified.

*Combined Maintenance and Assessment Packages are available at a discounted rate if purchased together.